How do I know if I have won?

Simply by joining our email mailing list and receive the national lottery results every draw or go to our "Homepage" and check the winning numbers. If the "Homepage" is blocked in your country then join our mailing list to get the results.

What can I win?

The Jackpot varies week to week. UK National varies between 2.5 - 20 Million, while the Euro Lottery varies 10 - 100 Million. Winnings start with 3 correct numbers and increase with a greater amount of correct numbers.

How do I know how much I have won?

Please visit The Official National Lottery prize breakdown page.

How do I collect my Winnings?

If you win then email us and we will collect your winnings on your behalf and either credit your card or we can send a Bank draft to you. Small wins less than £100 can be replayed and all wins are subject to a 10% commission. Replays are commission free.

How does the Jackpot work if there is more than one winner?

The Jackpot would be divided equally among the winners. If for example 3 people won a Jackpot of £12,000,000. Then each person would receive £4,000,000.

How does the Bonus ball work?

The Bonus ball only counts if you have 5 correct numbers apart from the Bonus ball.

UK National Lottery

Six correct Numbers pays the Jackpot which varies week to weeK. Wins start at 3 Numbers which pays £25.

Euro Millions

5 Numbers plus 2 Lucky Stars wins the Jackpot, wins start at 3 Numbers.